Co-Create a new Product or Service in a Pilot or Full Challenge with the help of the Smart City Hub Team.
Define Challenges
Immerse yourself into an intensive design thinking process to define the problems worth solving.
Source Partners
Select the technology and partners to collaborate with on the co-creation and experimentation process.
Develop & Experiment
Develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in collaboration with selected partners to validate the solution and continuous coaching and project management.
Depending on the validation of users and the experimentation, create a business alliance with the partners to scale the solution.

Innovation Challenge Case

ALBA Group

Waste Trucks as sensor platforms

Alba Group, a leading global recycling and environmental services company with headquarters in Berlin, developed qualified applications in collaboration with Vialytics, a Stuttgart-based machine learning startup, to turn recycling vehicles into smart sensor platforms. The first application focuses on street-quality (potholes, blockages & weather-condition) and can be extended to be applied to other urban systems.

Innovation Challenge Case

Fujitsu Japan

Digital transformation for smart buildings

Fujitsu and RunMyProcess, in collaboration with the startups Comydo and LeafTech, developed a portal for building managers, offering a menu of individually selectable and configurable services for building management. The cloud portal, called ‘RunMyBuilding’, launched the MVP with the 2 startup sample services in energy
management and access management, but plans to onboard many more.

Image by Anthony Esau

“We are happy to participate in a project that develops visions for a climate and environmentally friendly city with a high quality of life. [...] Everyday mobility in cities has great potential to become much more efficient and environmentally compatible through digital technologies.”

Executive Board Member
Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales Germany

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